The President of Turkmenistan and the Prime Minister of Singapore discussed the development of cooperation

The President of Turkmenistan and the Prime Minister of Singapore discussed the development of cooperation

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien lung with the participation of official delegations of the two countries after the talks with President of Singapore Halima Jacob.

According to the state news Agency of Turkmenistan, it was noted at the talks that the agenda of the Turkmen-Singapore partnership can be very rich, covering a wide range of areas, including issues of regional and world politics, economy, trade, investment activities, cultural and humanitarian ties. One of the main goals of this visit is to give the necessary impetus to bilateral relations and bring them to the level.

According to the information, the most important direction of the interstate dialogue was the strengthening of cooperation in the foreign policy sphere and, above all, in matters of peace and security, noting the closeness and similarity of the approaches of both countries to topical issues of international politics. First of all, it is about creating a solid foundation of stability and predictability in Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. These regions play an important role in today's global trends, and cooperation between Turkmenistan and Singapore, based on the principles of peace, respect for international law, can have a positive impact on the course and direction of the processes taking place here.

In this regard, Turkmenistan is ready to strengthen cooperation in major international organizations, primarily In the United Nations. Speaking about this, the Turkmen leader spoke in favor of establishing a mechanism of regular interesting dialogue and consultations at the UN site, aimed at mutual support of constructive initiatives and proposals on various issues of the international agenda.

Singapore's support for the UN General Assembly resolution on the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, as well as the resolutions on transport cooperation and energy security initiated by our country, can be cited as examples of such cooperation. The Singapore side also supported Turkmenistan's candidacy for elections to a number of important UN bodies – ECOSOC, UNICEF Executive Board, UN Commission on the status of women.

In turn, Turkmenistan voted for the candidacy of the Republic of Singapore in the elections to the UN Commission on international trade law, the intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO on bioethics, the Council of the International Maritime Organization. These examples show that Turkmen-Singapore cooperation in the international arena can be effective, mutually beneficial, and bring good results. The main thing is that both Turkmenistan and the Republic of Singapore, as responsible members of the world community, are ready to contribute to the solution of global development issues and provide each other with support and assistance.

"Establishing strong ties with Singapore, we hope that your country will become one of the important partners of Turkmenistan in the trade and economic sphere. We will welcome the expansion of the activities of Singapore companies in the Turkmen market, and at the same time intend to focus on high – tech segments, where Singapore has a successful long-term experience," President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

The priority vectors of Turkmen-Singapore cooperation are energy, oil and gas, transport and communications, and banking. Partnership opportunities in the textile industry should also be carefully considered. In Turkmenistan, there are more than 60 modern textile enterprises producing world-class products, which are successfully exported to international markets. In this context, the leader of the nation noted the expediency of taking concrete measures to increase and diversify mutual trade turnover in order to bring it to a level that meets the real mutual potential.

The first Turkmen-Singapore business forum held on August 26 may be a good format for promoting trade and economic relations. Regular holding of such business meetings will be useful, the head of state stressed, also voicing the proposal to put on a systematic basis the exchange of business delegations, the organization of trade and industrial exhibitions in both countries, the information says.

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