2019 AFC Cup: Today FC Altyn Asyr in Hanoi will play with the champion of Vietnam

2019 AFC Cup: Today FC Altyn Asyr in Hanoi will play with the champion of Vietnam

Today, the football champion of Turkmenistan 2018, FC Altyn Asyr from Ashgabat, will play the first match in the framework of the Inter-zone semi-final of the 2019 AFC Cup.

FC Altyn Asyr took first place in the Central Zone and will perform for the second time in history in the Inter-zonal sem-ifinal of the AFC Cup.

The team of the honored trainer of Turkmenistan, Yaguly Hojageldiyev, will play with the four-time champion of Vietnam - Hanoi FC. The match will be held in Hanoi at the  Hang Day Stadium. The stadium holds 22,500 spectators. The match begins at 17:00 Ashgabat time. The match will be judged by a team of referees from the Republic of Korea led by FIFA referee Kim Dae-Yong.

Previously, the clubs of Turkmenistan and Vietnam did not intersect.

The football club of the reigning champion of Vietnam was founded on June 18, 2006 under the name Hanoi T&T by the Vietnamese travel business company of the same name. Over three seasons, the team successively passed the third, second and first divisions and in 2009 made its debut in the V-League. The team has a large budget and has the opportunity to invite the strongest Vietnamese players into its ranks. So, while still playing in the first division, the club signed a contract with the main goalkeeper of the Vietnamese national team Duong Hong Son, and in 2009 the best footballer of the country Le Cong Vinh moved to Hanoi T&T. Such a reinforcement of the roster allowed Hanoi T&T to become the champion in the 2010 season and debut in the AFC Cup next year. In 2016, the team was renamed to Hanoi FC.

Hanoi FC has 6 foreign players, among them Nigerian Ganiyu Oseni and Senegalese Pape Omar stand out. They are leaders in the 2019 AFC Cup scorers list. Ganiyu Oseni has 9 goals, Pape Omar has 8. The last defeat of the team dates back to May 11, 2019, when she lost to Thanh Hoa - 1:4 in the the 2019 Vietnam Championship.

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