Yazguly Hojageldiyev: “FC Hanoi is not a simple team, FC Altyn Asyr is waiting for a serious game”

Yazguly Hojageldiyev: “FC Hanoi is not a simple team, FC Altyn Asyr is waiting for a serious game”

Photo: Vietnam Football Federation.

At a press conference in the capital of Vietnam today, the head coach of the Turkmen FC Altyn Asyr, Yazguly Hojageldiyev, answered questions from the Vietnamese media about the upcoming match of the 2019 AFC Cup Inter-zonal semi-final against FC Hanoi, which will be held on August 20 at Hangday Stadium. The first question of the journalists concerned the appearance in the match application of FC Altyn Asyr of two foreign players - 27-year-old Peter Opiyo (Kenya) and 33-year-old Uche Kalu (Nigeria).

– Yes, it is true, Y. Hojageldiyev said. –  But we did not have time to prepare the relevant documents. Therefore, they will not play in the upcoming match.

– What can you say about the rival –  FС Hanoi?

–  There will be no special comments. A simple team does not enter the inter-zonal semi-final, so tomorrow we will have a very serious game. We will prepare and make every effort.

–  Can you identify someone in FC Hanoi?

– We liked the team captain, he plays under the number “10” (Van Quyet Nguyen - editorial note). He excels, he has leadership qualities. We watched the matches of the opponent and are preparing our plan for tomorrow's game.

– What is the place of FC Altyn Asyr in the championship of Turkmenistan, and how many players have you brought to Hanoi?

–  In the championship of Turkmenistan, we are in first place, while it continues. There are 18 players in the application, like everyone else, probably.

– How many players of FC Altyn Asyra play in the National football team of Turkmenistan?

– So far, we cannot say with all accuracy how many people play in the national team, there are more than 10 candidates. How many people will play, the head coach of the national team of Turkmenistan decides.

– What information do you have about the level of Vietnamese football?

–  We do not have much information. Seven years ago, I came as a coach with the Turkmenistan national team to the 2012 VFF Cup tournament in Ho Chi Minh City. Then our footballers took second place in it. We know that football is developing in Vietnam, they love it very much and take this sport very seriously.

– So how many players have FC Altyn Asyr played in the national team of Turkmenistan before - before this game with FC Hanoi?

–  Before that, there were more than 10 people, some players were injured. In general, 7 players were involved in the last friendly game (with Uganda - editorial note). What will happen in the future, I do not know.

– Previously, you worked as the head coach of the National team of Turkmenistan and the FC Altyn Asyr. Was it difficult to combine both posts?

– Of course, it's hard! And without a national team it’s also difficult. And when with the national team – naturally hard. In general, we are used to our work, so we are not lazy.


Further, the 21-year-old midfielder of FC Altyn Asyr Begench Akmamedov answered the questions of journalists.

– What can you say about the FC Hanoi, whom can you single out in the opponent's team?

–  I didn't watch the FC Hanoi games. But as our head coach said, the player with number “10” stands out in the opposing team.

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