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Vladimir Leonov: “Kurban Berdyev, as an adviser, helps to develop the region”

Vladimir Leonov: “Kurban Berdyev, as an adviser, helps to develop the region”

Former head coach of Kazan “Rubin”, Turkmen football specialist Kurban Berdyev helps with the advice of the Ministry of Sports of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation in the development of football in various cities of the republic. The publication of the "RB" said the Minister of Sports of Tatarstan, Vladimir Leonov.   

- Does Kurban Berdyev help Tatarstan?

— Kurban Bekievich and I are in contact. When he was still working at the club, they reached mutual understanding, including on youth football. Now there is an understanding of the development of the entire region, not only Kazan. We discuss ideas, we want to create several points of growth. In the plan, we have to build indoor arenas in several cities so that the guys can play football during the cold season.

— How does Kurban Berdyev help you?

— He is like an adviser. Not at the ministry. We just are not strangers. While he is here, we are gathering, discussing how and where it is better to develop the region.

Earlier, a Turkmen expert has long been the head coach of the Rubin football club from the capital of Tatarstan. In total, under his leadership, the team spent 478 matches (208 wins, 140 draws, 130 losses). With Kazan "Ruby" Kurban Berdyev won the Russian championships in 2008 and 2009, twice the Super Cup of Russia (2010, 2012), twice participated in the Champions League group stage, managed to reach the quarterfinals of the European League, and also won the Russian Cup in the 2011 season /12.

In June 2019, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov proposed the famous Turkmen coach to organize a step-by-step training system for football players from a younger age and organize a youth academy for football in Tatarstan with branches in the main cities of the republic. 

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