OSCE organizes training course on covering current affairs in media in Turkmenistan

OSCE organizes training course on covering current affairs in media in Turkmenistan

Journalists from Turkmenistan’s print, online and broadcast media participated in an OSCE-organized training course on how to cover political, economic and humanitarian issues, which took place in Ashgabat from 18 to 20 June 2019. It provided practical tips on how to cover key national and international events, including elections, visits and parliamentary sessions and how to present economic news in a format understandable to audiences.

The training course offered an opportunity to discuss the role of journalism in the multimedia age and new trends in the media such as data journalism and multimedia formats.

International experts presented basic principles of journalistic ethics and storytelling as a key element of modern media. The participants learnt about modern techniques to search and verify information, and exchanged views on how to recognize fake news and analyse sources of information.

“Our training course is focused on the coverage of political, economic and humanitarian issues, and these are the key aspects of the OSCE’s comprehensive security concept,” said Natalya Drozd, the Head of the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat. “Providing reliable and quality coverage of topical issues is the most important task of any journalist, and the OSCE Centre in Ashgabat is committed to continuing its support in enhancing the capacity of Turkmenistan’s journalists.”

The participants discussed the specifics of media projects on humanitarian topics and gender-sensitive journalism and worked in groups to prepare a detailed scenario of a multimedia project.

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