Arslanmyrat Amanov: «To play for the national team – is a great honor for any football player»

Arslanmyrat Amanov: «To play for the national team – is a great honor for any football player»

The famous football player of the national team of Turkmenistan Arslanmyrat Amanov, who plays in the Uzbekistan Championship for the FC Lokomotiv Tashkent , gave an exclusive interview to Turkmenportal. The conversation took place at the edge of the football pitchof the Ashgabat Stadium, where a 29-year-old midfielder trained with the national team of Turkmenistan before leaving for training camp in Dubai (UAE). 


- Arslanmyrat, your goal, which you scored against the Japanese team after a cannon strike, was recognized as one of the most beautiful at the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates. It was reported that the speed of the ball after your impact was 113 kilometers per hour. Do you remember scoring a goal? How did you manage to score from the 35-meter distance?

- At a tournament of such a high level you need to score, using every moment. Every step, episode needs to be played and worked through to the end. The Asian Cup is the most prestigious tournament on the continent. And to score a goal against the Japanese team is very nice. We knew the strength of Japan, knew our capabilities, so we played defensively. But in one episode, when the opponent's defense revealed a little, I had a chance to break through from a distance. I hit, and it turned out quite well.

- In the first match of the 2019 Asian Cup against the Japanese, the Turkmenistan team showed a good game. However, in the next matches with the teams of Uzbekistan and Oman was clearly not up to par. What, in your opinion, is the reason for the weak performance of our team at the 2018 Asian Cup?

- We qualified for the Asian Cup, and with a sense of extraordinary joy were “charged” for the whole tournament. But this battle primer was enough for us only for the first game with Japan, in which, despite the negative result, we still managed to demonstrate our best qualities. In the remaining matches we did not have enough experience. But I would not say that we acted badly or that we are completely weak. This was not. We really wanted to leave the group. And it was necessary to go to this goal quietly, reasonably distributing forces. We in the second game with Uzbekistan wanted to impose our game on our opponent. But in the end there was not enough experience.

- After the 2019 Asian Cup, you received an offer to move to FC Lokomotiv Tashkent. It was difficult to decide on the transition to the club champion of Uzbekistan?

- Not. Earlier in an interview with the Uzbek media, I said that the decisive role in my transition was not played by the fact that this team is the champion of Uzbekistan. I always liked FC Tashkent Lokomotiv  as a club. I think that not only I like this club. Throughout Uzbekistan, many people like it. FC Lokomotiv Tashkent is by right the champion of the country. The team has a strict playing discipline with a high level of player skill. It is always a pleasure to play in such a club, therefore, despite the fact that I had a lot of offers from other teams, I did not hesitate for a long time and without a doubt chose FC Lokomotiv.

- If it is not a secret, from which countries were the transfer offers?

- There were offers not only from Uzbekistan, but also from other countries. There were about five options for continuing a career, but I will not name countries. This is already over.

- Are you satisfied with your position in the new club for you?

- I have everything “thank God” now. The team is good, the management took me very warmly. I feel comfortable here. We in FC Lokomotiv say: "We are a family!". When a new player comes to the club, they say: “Welcome to the family!”. So I had no problems with adaptation.

- What can you say about your debut in the AFC Champions League and the game of FC Lokomotiv Tashkent in this tournament?

- The one who saw the FC Lokomotiv games in the AFC Champions League this year, I think, will not say that the club has played poorly. We are not lucky with luck, which is also important in football. All the goals we scored, we brought them to ourselves thanks to our mistakes. The AFC Champions League is not a domestic championship where you can fix something. In the main Asian club tournament, any mistake, loss of concentration make themselves known, and the punishment should be inevitable.

- What are the objectives of the FC Lokomotiv this season?

- FC Lokomotiv always sets the highest goals. Our task is to win the championship of Uzbekistan and the National Cup. One of our goals was to win the AFC Champions League, but in this tournament, I repeat, we didn’t have enough football luck. And in the national championship is still ahead.

- Did you miss the games for the national team of Turkmenistan?

- Of course! The call to the national team is always pleasant. It is with great pleasure that I play for the national team, it is a great honor for any player.

- What can you say about the upcoming friendly match of the team of Turkmenistan with the Uganda team on June 9?

- Now all the teams play friendly matches. It is very pleasant that the Football Federation of Turkmenistan is working, invited a new coach from Croatia. The upcoming game is an exam for any player to show himself, to demonstrate his best qualities in front of a new coach. It is also important for the coaching staff of the national team in terms of the formation of the basic structure, viewing newcomers. So it is very good that the Football Federation of Turkmenistan organized this international match. We need to conduct more such games so that the guys gain experience and perform well in official matches.

- What are your impressions of the work of Croatian specialists in the national team of Turkmenistan?

- This is only my first collection under the leadership of the new team headquarters. Training is going well. Time will tell the rest.

- Do you agree to continue coming to the national team at the first request of the coaches?

- Of course! I always come to the national team with pleasure when they invite me. I repeat, for each player it is a great honor to play for the national team of their country. 

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