Turkmenistan's fish industry increases production

Turkmenistan's fish industry increases production

Turkmenistan increases export of fish products. In January-April 2019, 744.6 tons of fish products were produced, which is significantly more than during the same period last year and 48 tons of canned fish were shipped abroad, the Turkmenistan State News Agency informs.

In all regions of the country, the existing fish processing industries and the introduction of new capacities of the industry have been modernized. Three fishing vessels of the Caspian Flotilla were repaired. Deputy Prime Minister Chary Gylyjov informed the head of state at the meeting of the Government.

In Akhal, Dashoguz and Mary regions, refrigerated and freezing warehouses were repaired and built, totaling 133 tons of fish for storage. For the purpose of industrial fish farming in the Akhal, Mary and Lebap oblasts, investment projects are underway for the construction of artificial reservoirs and the creation of fish incubators. In the Turkmen Lake "Altyn Asyr" fishing has been established, which averages 1.5-2 tons a week. 450 jobs have been created at fish enterprises.

Specialized stores and retail outlets have been opened in the regions and the capital, in which the sale of fresh and frozen fish, as well as various types of salted, smoked and canned fish products, the demand for which is growing, is organized.

The Vice Prime Minister also reported on the implementation of investment projects to create innovative industries in the fishing industry. In this regard, construction of a trout breeding farm with a volume of 30 tons per year continues in the Bakharden district of the Akhal region, water-proofing facilities made of geotextile and geomembrane in the Kaakhka district, and enterprises for growing 100 tons of fish in the Kerki district of the Lebap region. A fish processing plant is under construction in the city of Turkmenabat, and a full production cycle for growing fish and producing finished products is being set up in the town of Oguzkhan, Mary region. In general, the country continues to build 10 new facilities in this industry.

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