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UNICEF training seminar ended in Ashgabat

UNICEF training seminar ended in Ashgabat

Today in Ashgabat, a five-day training seminar for employees of medical institutions of Turkmenistan to improve the quality of care for mothers and newborns completed its work. The experts were UNICEF consultants who arrived from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (Great Britain) Nabwer, Helen Muhenge and Manasi Patil, reports the Golden Age electronic newspaper.

During the training, international experts introduced the Turkmen doctors to the organization of quality medical care, as well as modern methods of treatment and care for mothers and newborns, based on recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Manasi Patil, a master’s degree at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, noted that the work of neonatologists and pediatricians is one of the most important steps in the formation of a healthy nation.

In the framework of the workshop aimed at improving professional competence, the participants visited the specialized medical centers of Ashgabat, where they got acquainted with the organization of the work of the neonatological and pediatric services.

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