Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discuss water use issues

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discuss water use issues

The development of a mutually acceptable mechanism for integrated and balanced use of transboundary water resources in Central Asia was the subject of the regular meeting of the Turkmen-Afghan Coordination Group on water issues, which opened today in Ashgabat.

The two-day event, which takes place in the conference hall of the Archabil Hotel, is attended by representatives of the State Committee of water management of the Ministry of agriculture and environmental protection of Turkmenistan, the Association Garagumderyasuvhojalyk, as well as industrial water associations of Ahal, Lebap and Mary regions. The delegation of Afghanistan includes heads and leading specialists of the Ministry of energy and water resources, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Department of geodesy and cartography of the Ministry of urban development and land resources.

According to the State Information Agency of Turkmenistan, our country is taking concrete steps to establish an effective system of joint water use at the bilateral level. In this context, special importance is attached to the interaction with the relevant structures of Afghanistan, on the territory of which, according to experts, up to 20 percent of the Amu Darya flow is formed and, in addition, the Murghab and Tejen rivers originate.

The current meeting of the Turkmen-Afghan Coordination Group is the third meeting of water sector specialists of neighboring countries, supported by the Regional Program "Transboundary Water Management in Central Asia" of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

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